Empowerment is the process that allows one to gain the knowledge, skill-sets and attitude needed to cope with the changing world and the circumstances in which one lives. Empowerment increases the personal or collective power of individuals and communities. Options for Success exists to empower people with disabilities by providing them information, resources, and support needed to obtain meaningful employment. Our RESOURCES section provides abundant information that can help you in your job search. One empowering experience that Options for Success recommends is our annual conference, where people from with different backgrounds, different life experiences, and different abilities, come together to share, inform, and of course to EMPOWER one another!

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Social equality exists when all people within a society or group have the same status in respect to opportunities. The right to work and earn a living is something we believe in and promote. Options for Success supports all people to access employment opportunities. We believe all people have a right to work and to be employed, enjoying the benefits that work brings to both the individual and to society. We strive to remove barriers to employment by providing resources, education, and training to job seekers, employers and workforce personnel.
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The cornerstone of Options for Success is supporting people in their journey to find meaningful employment in our community. We believe that people with disabilities have unique abilities that can benefit our local workforce, given the right job match and needed accommodations. Our goal is to empower job seekers with information and resources that will help them in their journey towards success! The growing network of agencies involved with Options for Success provide a variety of support services that can help people achieve their goals. Come learn more about what we do by exploring the “About Us” section of this website and attending our annual conference! Also visit our page of Success Stories which highlights people from Southern Oregon who have been successful in their journey to employment.


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Thanks to all for a wonderful conference! Stay tuned for this year’s conference. 

See images of the 2013 Conference here  See a slideshow of our images here