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ptions for Success

Helping people with disabilities return to work!

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Options for Success believes in Self-Empowerment, which means taking charge of your own life – in your home, in your work place, with your family, with your colleagues, and in caring for yourself. At our annual Conference, we provide information, resources, and support for people with disabilities to assist you in learning the necessary skills, obtaining the tools and making the best choices in reaching your goal of obtaining meaningful employment.

Options for Success believes all people have a right to work and to be employed, enjoying the benefits that work brings to both the individual and to society. We strive to remove barriers to employment by providing resources, education, and supports to job seekers, employers and workforce personnel.

The cornerstone of Options for Success is supporting people in their journey to find meaningful employment. We believe that people with disabilities have unique abilities, qualities,perspectives and creative solutions that can benefit our local workforce, given the right job match and needed accommodations. The growing network of agencies involved with Options for Success provide a variety of support services that can help job seekers achieve their goals.

Our Annual Conference

Each year Options for Success holds it’s annual conference..

And each year we host the conference to help those with disabilities who are seeking paths back to work!

Providing inspirational speakers, pertinent information, and guidance, Options for Success helps those seeking employment to connect with employers and resources in the Rogue Valley.

Options for Success can provide you with the help you need if your goal is to return to work!

The conference is the highlight of a year of hard work and dedication to finding you the help you need to get back to work. Each year we have a theme that the conference centers on and that addresses the needs of those in our community returning to work.

We address issues such as:

  • Accessibility – what do you need to enable your return to work?
  • Reasonable accommodations – what to expect from employers hiring the disabled
  • The know how of getting a job – what can you do to build a resume, prepare for an interview and the job you are seeking

Bringing together the community Options for Success facilitates awareness about the “Options” you have to succeed! Together, working as a community we offer














Contact us today for more information and be sure to stay tuned here at this website for more information about the upcoming conference!

Stay tuned here for more information about our 8th annual conference. That’s right you heard it here, our 8th annual conference coming in early 2015!